Omnia, born Melek "incomprehensible gibberish", is an OC of Kama.


Born an unknown amount of years before the First Interversal War, Omnia had a normal early life. Until his home was invaded by Argosy Frei, his life saved by the Bosquitan Prince Eanif, his father being declared legally dead, his father turning up in the middle of the seventeen year First Interversal War as a war hero and then the whole Black Flag ordeal. But, yeah, Omnia's life was normal again after that. Until the Second Interversal War happened and he volunteered to join the Anunaki Relief Corps. TBA


Despite being 30,030 years old, Omnia still acts like he did as a young adult back during the First Interversal War.

Major events

Waaaaaaay too much to cover


  • Shapeshifting
  • Lotta other stuff.